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OK. I must admit: I have not seen to many Finnish movies. But the few that I have seen has been either really boring or, if it is a comedy, really boring.
But this one. WOW! Nothing short of stunning, with great performances all over. Not just from Peter Franzén but also from the rest of the crew, the Nazi fellows not the least. Jasper Pääkkönen (try saying that name really fast ten times) playing the brother in the film is equally good.
The movie has a message. But it is not made "down your throat. Just as the Nazis in the movie are acting stupid, so is the black father and the gypsies. So lots of people with different colored skin and different backgrounds, acting stupid. Not just one part. As often in the real world.
Makes me wonder if there are more good Finnish movies. At least this one gives me a certain hope that there might be. Or at least some to come.


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What led to -2 stars is definitely the end. Like seriously, what the. Why does his brother have to kill himself? Obviously he is in a bad place mentally, but why can't the movie give us a happy end? It's so unnecessary and random, especially when the relationship between the brothers is starting to get better. I get it, psychotherapy isn't dramatic and cool, but how about that and some meetings with the victim to talk things over? Why have this absolutely stupid suicide to up the drama or whatever instead of showing a way out of whatever mental problems he's going through, show them rent the land and rebuild it and them living there with their families? or did they run out of money to make it a proper end and that's why they cut the brother's story short? So yeah, that was very disappointing, but the rest of the movie is quite nice. The kid is a little brat, too, and his father also doesn't know when to stop, but that's what makes the characters realistic. Still wanted a better ending. I'm very conflicted, but I think it's worth a watch.

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